Welcome Fujian Daily Chemical Import Export Association,

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, colleagues, friends from the media:

Good afternoon! Warm and pleasant spring and early summer sunshine, happy and peaceful atmosphere filled the venue! Today, from the hometown of the chemical industry elite gathered at the beautiful "fruit of the town" Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, was held at the inaugural meeting of Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, first of all I would like on behalf of the newly established Chamber of Commerce and the entire province members for taking the time to visit the busy meeting all the leaders, distinguished guests and friends from the media, expressed the warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks! Chamber of Commerce to the care and support both the preparatory work of all the leaders, distinguished guests and colleagues, pay tribute!
Fujian Daily Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of the State Council to support the construction of the historic opportunity to accelerate the Hercynian, in the provincial government and the Foreign Economic and Trade Office on the promotion of economic growth mode transformation, to keep the arrangements and requirements for sustainable development of foreign trade, in provinces and cities leadership, Foreign Economic and Trade Office, the Home Office and other higher authorities concerned about the leadership support of all members to meet the market and the needs of their own development, spontaneous, voluntary organizations, non-profit social organization established. Fujian Day marks the establishment of chambers of commerce of industry colleagues will be the individual alone to work together to explore the rational operation, means that the future development of the industry in Fujian on the way of broader, brighter future!

We have set up day of the Chamber of Commerce, to the "scientific development" and "building a harmonious society" as a guide, follow the "complementary, self-discipline and mutual assistance, solidarity and cooperation, service members," the Office will aim, through building business and government, enterprises communication platform for the exchange and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises, member enterprises to expand space for the survival and development; by strengthening all-round cooperation between enterprises, improve enterprise competitiveness, promote sustainable development of enterprises; by strengthening management and industry self-regulation to further regulate business operations, to establish a good and orderly market competition environment, so as to enlarge and strengthen the Fujian Daily Chemical manufacturing, expanding product exports, and promote economic development in Fujian Province to make a positive contribution.

As a newly elected at the first session of the Chamber of Commerce president, I feel very excited, I feel long way to go. On the one hand I am very grateful to provincial and municipal leaders and all members have given me great confidence and support; the other hand I feel the heavy responsibility, and fear to live up to all of my trust and love. Nevertheless, I still duty-bound to take up this task, for which I will be working closely around the Chamber of Commerce during the purpose, to firmly establish "democracy, innovation, service" consciousness: The first is to firmly establish the awareness of democracy, unity and leadership Chamber of Commerce members and the entire membership, the establishment of democracy, communication, coordination mechanism, and fully listen to opinions and suggestions into the Chamber of Commerce, democratic and harmonious Chamber of Commerce; the second is to firmly establish the sense of innovation, with an innovative mechanism to promote the development of associations, so that the Chamber of Commerce times, full of vigor and vitality; The third is to firmly establish the sense of service, give full play to the functions of chambers of commerce, do more concrete things for the member companies, many good things, exclusive membership of the ocean, Member of the solution difficult, do members the need, the Chamber of Commerce, a member of accomplishing a warm and harmonious home, and constantly enhance the affinity of Chamber of Commerce and appeal.

I believe their superiors and the community care and support, through the joint efforts of all members, our chamber will be better and better! Let us join hands and build a Chamber of Commerce House, a bright future for a better tomorrow for the big Fujian daily chemical industry development, and accelerating the construction of Hercynian and make due contribution!
Finally, on behalf of Chamber of Commerce, the General Assembly once again thank all the leaders here, ladies and gentlemen! I wish you all good health and happiness, and prosperity and good luck! Thank you!

June 3, 2010

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