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Diaper rash nursing
2010-08-24 23:20:08  Source:
Very much, newborn baby skin tender and lovely , after being born, can't be seprated from diaper , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function, the diaper rash it is occurrence to be in the buttock taking responsibility for diaper , to show Red Spot , papula rubedo , appearing later for skin, heavier erosion , ulcer happened when, therefore the popular name makes buttocks red. The rash joins but reaches to extension thigh inner side or napes waits for a place. The diaper rash is to wrap up what diaper brings about, but is not that all diaper rash happened in the little child who takes responsibility for diaper, the diaper rash is the woollen cloth how to take form then? Stop because the urine contains uric acid in liquid , contain benzazole in excrement after waiting for diversified pungency matter , pocket diaper, these matter continues stimulating skin , skin is tender and lovely plus the newborn baby, will have happened making buttocks red. The incentive making buttocks red happened as follows: (1) diaper is not frequent exchange for. The little child does not change diaper in time behind the urine , night does not change diaper especially , one no wet night does not exchange one time urine for diaper or arrive at a daybreak , longtime , urine liquid arouses a stimulation to buttock skin. Do not wash just after (2). Human excrement of the newborn baby is sparse , amounts are many, mother's milk the newborn baby human excrement raising has 4-5 time generally one day. Because being wrapping diaper , human excrement up in a piece of cloth, Chang has been stained fully with the entire buttock. That some parents or nurse uses diaper buttock's human excrement to be erased, but not cleaning a buttock after the little child relieves nature, makes the entire buttock be still gluing human excrement , environment having stimulating a thing in moistness moves downwards but red buttocks happened while being taking responsibility diaper again. (3) buttocks are damp. A lot of parents is careful about child's nursing especially, meticulously, not only the human excrement queen will all clean a buttock after child's buttock is so clear as to neat and tidy, and pee every time. Summer washes 2-3 time of baths now and then one day , take a bath for also nearly every day in winter, after every time finishing redressing a buttock or taking a bath for as early as the buttock has shot a layer of powder , is to do self's utmost on being able to speak. But purge the queen being changed for clean diaper , bind up a layer of plastic paper again outside , arrange the child very cleanly, child it is more successful to have happened buttocks, their unclear cause comes to look for a doctor. The cause making buttocks red happened in this condition being that part is damp. Newborn baby buttock skin buckling is many , water is not easy to wipe Yu , to having been left all to diaper immediately after cleaning a buttock , wraps plastic paper again outside , makes part hermetic; The damp buttock has shot but powder , in fact, the pink water absorption becomes a piece , part is still damp, and powder can't take form upset to skin not only but as if being to make buttock skin dry. Damp environment messenger part skin resistance comes down but red buttocks happened. (4) rough diaper water absorptions sex is bad. What some parents do not know that the skin to the child is especially tender and lovely , prepares diaper rough, or uses chemical fiber cloth to succeed in making up, the water absorption function is especially bad , make part skin damper; Reaching diaper when cleaning a buttock, because action is rude uses skin loss roughly stiffly, red buttocks happened more easily later under upset damp environment. Be in favor for buttocks time because skin is damaged , bacterium Yi is bred bringing about local infection, the bacterium part from infection intrudes into blood , arouses ichorrhemia when grave. Therefore, the newborn baby diaper rash is taking precautions against again , discovers a buttock rubedo , needs to treat in time when rotten.
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